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Parkview Hall Of Fame

Parkview's traditional bowling conditions don't yield the large number of honor scores seen in other bowling centers. As such, Parkview takes great pride when one if its bowlers rolls an exception game or series, or carries a particularly high average. Those accomplishments are posted to our Hall of Fame honor board, located just within the main door to our center.

Current accomplishments listed on our Hall of Fame board:

HOF scoreboard

Parkview 2017-2018 High Games

Lanes 1-2
Chris Freemesser 278
Erin Archibald 206
Lanes 3-4
Craig O'Brien 279
Ann Thiele 219
Lanes 5-6
Rich Ferraro 279
Christina Brognia 220
Lanes 7-8
Rich Ferraro 267
Sharon Martin 221

Parkview 2017-2018 High Series

Lanes 1-2
Chris Freemesser 743 Barb Klump 531
Lanes 3-4
Joe Argento Jr 728
Melissa Danzig 523
Lanes 5-6
Rich Ferraro 738
Sherry Estes 542
Lanes 7-8
Chris Freemesser 709
Mary Bernhard 568

Individual league standing sheets:

2-Ton Tony's Thursday Men's League
Saturday Good Time Bowlers

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